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MEDIQON Group is a publicly traded German holding company that brings together niche investment opportunities and managerial talent. The firm sold its previous core business in 2018, restructuring into its current serial acquirer form.

MEDIQON has a decentralized organization that predominantly holds indirect majority stakes in small DACH-based recurring revenue businesses. But MEDIQON is opportunistic, proceeding one step at a time and may expand geographically.

MEDQION had 11 operating companies at the end of 2020, only to have 20 at the end of 2021.

They mainly invest via two of their investment platforms, NGC Nachfolgekapital and Oookam Software.

  • NGC is focused on accumulating firms facing succession in various industries. NGC provides both permanent capital and emerging talent. They usually target DACH-headquartered niche firms and consumer goods distributors with operating profits between €0.5m and 3m, high margins, low customer dependency, and recurring revenues.
  • Ookam Software is a niche software acquirer looking for DACH-headquartered firms with recurring revenues and operating profits greater than €0.3 million.

Mitch Rales, the Co-Founder of the decentralised Danaher, became a meaningful shareholder in 2022.

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