What's included in the emails?

We send out a quarterly email with an update on M&A compounders / serial acquirers.

Big strategic acquisitions are made for noisy idiosyncratic motivations. These are hard for outsiders to distil. Often leaving media to nonsensical speculation. Serial acquirers, on the other hand, send out signals of market trends.

Links to sector valuation reports from the world's leading banks are also included.


How should I incorporate the M&A report data?

Precedent transactions, also sneaking around as "precedents", "deal comps", "M&A comps", and "comparable transactions" (bank-speak loves synonyms..), help gauge your valuation ranges. But you knew this one already.


Why not use data service providers?

Serial acquirers are a different breed of compounders who require manual adjustments to their inorganic growth data. Acquirers curates and scrubs this data for you. For free.

Banks' M&A reports also fill a useful purpose. Having worked in M&A and PE, with access to ∞ expensive data providers, my (not so) humble opinion is that the best way to check all relevant transactions is to check these M&A reports. They have been sense checked and vetted by sector teams at banks.


Who are you?

Gustaf Hakansson at Acquirers

Ok, not frequently asked but here we go..

We believe financial media doesn't have to be spammy, paywalled or scattered. Our resources lend me a hand and can become a trusted companion also in your toolbox. Whether it be for a serial acquirer, PE, strategic, family office, advisor or just your stock portfolio.

Acquirers is the one-stop source for serial acquirer news and valuation multiples in your industry of interest. Our fresh M&A reports provide high-level trends along with transaction deep dives.

I'll gladly continue the discussion IRL should you pass by Stockholm.



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