Gustaf Hakansson

Serial Acquirers

Instalco - a success story

Since the 2017 public listing, the firm has had a shareholder return CAGR of over 60%.
Serial Acquirers

Suited suitors continue to multiply

Hyttbäcken, Novedo, and Storskogen getting IPO ready
Serial Acquirers

Primer on Serial Acquirers

Also known as M&A Compounders and High Performing Conglomerates
Serial Acquirers

Röko - a EUR 270m juggernaut acquirer aiming for an IPO

Röko is a miniature Lifco focused on European asset light businesses with EBITA of EURm 2-10 and a margin of 10%+

The Common Tragedy of ESG Not Being G

Individual minorities must demand proper governance as faceless ESG investors stay silent
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