Suited suitors continue to multiply

Gustaf Hakansson
July 28, 2021
Suited suitors continue to multiply

Private capital continues flowing to serial acquirers

Three names increasingly sighted in auction halls include the private Hyttbäcken, Novedo, and Storskogen.


The firm focuses on industrial manufacturing firms and has closed three acquisitions since starting last year.

Founded by Seco Tools veterans, they look for profitable firms with sales between SEK 20-100m.

They have so far been open for minority ownership of up to 20%.


Saeid Esmaeilzadeh, the serial entrepreneur behind Sdiptech, started Novedo earlier this year.

They are off to a flying start after acquiring ten firms with total sales of around SEK 1bn.

So far, most holdings are operating in real estate services, but Novedo is open to other sectors.

Novedo's main criterium is keeping the selling entrepreneurs.

Similar to Röko, they have a stated goal of an IPO.


Storskogen recently acquired a fellow serial acquirer in the Switzerland-based Artum.

According to CEO Daniel Kaplan, the competition for serial acquirers is not as harsh in the DACH region.

With Artum, they take a leap step in being able to originate deals outside of the Nordics.

Founded in 2012, Storskogen has accumulated around 70 business units, generating more than SEK 10bn in sales.

To join their ranks, your company needs a sustainable operating profit above SEK 10m.


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